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As a result, this section was soon to contain information about different countries in the world. this would had made it easier for individuals to find the relevant sector they are interested in a specific country. Some of these countries will certainly include Mexico and other Latin America countries as well as countries in Africa, Europe and Asia and even the Caribbean.Middle East

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Middle East

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Middle East

The Middle East is located at the juncture of

Asia, Africa, and Europe in the eastern hemisphere.

It is comprised of countries on and near the Arabian

Peninsula.See more maps of the Middle East




Center for Middle

Eastern and North African Studies at the

University of Michigan –

The Center for Middle Eastern and North

African Studies

(CMENAS) is an academic center that was

established “to foster and

coordinate interaction, research and

instruction on the Near East among

faculty and students in all academic


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Community Center for Economic and Social

Services – The Arab

Community Center for Economic and Social

Services (ACCESS) is a

community-based, mutli-service

organization that provides a variety

of services for the Arab American

Community including mental health,

substance abuse programs, health,

employment cultural and

cross-cultural promotion and


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Arab Chamber of Commerce –

Domestically, the organization assists

businesses in improving their operations

and promoting their products

and services. By sponsoring and

receiving trade missions, holding

trade seminars, and sponsoring trade

assistance pgorams, the American

Arab Chamber of Commerce-Michigan

strengthens the ties between the

local Arab American community and the

Arab world.

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ArabNet – The aim of ArabNet is

“to provide the most comprehensive

online resource on the Arab world,

primarily dealing with countries in the

Middle East and North Africa.”

To this end, the site contains extensive

information and resource

catalogues for all the countries of the

Middle East and parts of

Africa, including historical,

geographical, travel, and cultural

information for each country and

numerous links to other resources

on the web.

Middle Eastern


Virtual Library – The Virtual Library resources on the

Middle East

are organized both by country and by topical category. Like

the Latin

American collection, also housed at the University of Texas,


Virtual Library chooses a Yahoo!-style format for the


of its page.

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