MSU Global Access was a website designed for curious individuals or students who had the need or the desire to find out more about the world. The website was developed by several experts and professionals from Michigan State University and it was designed as a simple and yet comprehensive portal that would be the gate to the entire information one might be looking for. MSU Global Access was a compilation of different websites and databases and individuals could find the information they were looking for with a simple click on the Search button. This would retrieve the most relevant and interesting information about a certain subject.
The website contained several unique features, from offering individuals the opportunity to search in the database by entering a combination of categories to use Favorite Links and other Web Directories. The idea behind the website was to make it possible to access the information that is available on the internet about different countries in the world by making the search engine as relevant as possible. One could therefore search for different aspects regarding for instance the economic life of a certain country around the world, such as Mexico, France, Germany, Australia or even countries from Africa and South America.
It would have been nice to see in the near future, the website be redesigned as to include maps of all the countries in the world. In this way, individuals can have a better view on what they are reading about and also where that place is on the map. Reading about a small country in Africa or Europe can be quite tricky in terms of being able to position the country on the map. This would require the reader to search for a map of Africa separately and this could be a waste of time.

MSU Global Access would have been nice if it was redesigned as the portal of information for all those who are interested in finding out more about the world. These individuals could equally be students, teachers or simple individuals that want to make their computer useful. This type of website was quite an ingenious idea then as it would be now, and this is why it is too bad it won’t be improved. One would have been wishing to be able to use the website again and find out everything is happening outside the borders of their own countries.

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