Language and Literature

Language and Literature

Wondering who offers courses in African languages? Looking for writings from other countries or in foreign languages? Find access to the resources you are looking for in MSU Global Access’s collection.

Favorite Links


Center for

Language Education and Research at Michigan State University –

The primary objective of MSU’s Center for Language Education And

Research (CLEAR) is to promote collaboration in foreign language

research and teacher education across college, departmental, and

institutional boundaries. CLEAR is a Title VI federally-funded

research center.

This is a Michigan State University resource.


Foreign Language Association – The Michigan Foreign Language

Association is an organization for all elementary,

secondary, college, and university teachers, supervisors,

students, and friends of foreign languages.

This is a resource from the state of Michigan.

University of

Michigan Summer Language Institute

– SLI offers courses

in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Italian,

Japanese, Korean, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish,

Swedish, Tamil, Turkish, and Teaching

English as a Second Language, providing

students with an opportunity to develop language skills.

This is a resource from the state of Michigan.

iLoveLanguages –

Provides 1200 searchable links to many common languages and some

of the more obscure and

fanciful languages, including some artificial ones, like Klingon.

By Tyler Chambers.

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