Human Rights

Individuals with a special interest in the many areas of information that is now available on the internet could consult this website and retrieve all the information they need. This website was designed as an information portal which was made from more websites and databases as to make it possible to retrieve the right information even when one thought that was impossible. Searching on this website was quite easy and one only needs to introduce several keywords in the search engine and the information is handier than ever.

The website was designed as to comprise information from different fields. People interested in agriculture or employment or those interested in human rights could easily find the information they need with a simple click. If they need the info related to a single country in the world, they have to introduce the name of the country and the field they are interested in and the website will retrieve all the information that is on the internet and which includes those key words. Information has never been more available and all this is possible with the technological advancements performed by professionals and experts from the world of science and all the great universities that do science research.

A particular section of the website was dedicated to the field of human rights. Here individuals may find all the relevant information when they are willing to find out more about the subject. Human rights are a rather large area and this is why most people tend to specialize on a particular country or continent. Previously this website made it easy for these individuals to find the information they need. They can even search by article or by conventions. For instance, if they are interested in the Geneva Convention, they can type it as a key word together with the country or area in the world that they are interested in and they will get the information they needed. Moreover, the search engine may retrieve different information regarding to case law with respect to human rights. Once again, one would also have to type in the specific country or area they are interested in because otherwise the information retrieved will be too much to read.

Human rights are an interesting subject and this website offered individuals the opportunity to find out everything that has ever been written or said in this area. This brings a substantial contribution to the research that could be further made in the field.

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