The advent of the Internet transformed

the world in the mid-1990s. This revolution complemented a

paradigm shift already underway that saw a move away from an

economy based primarily on industry to one based increasingly on information and

communication. Now more than ever, communication technology and protocol

shapes everyday life the entire world over. MSU Global Access

brings you the resources you need in the realm of

journalism, the Internet, and other communication issues and technology.

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Telecommunication Union – The ITU, headquartered in

Geneva, Switzerland is an international organization within

which governments and the private sector coordinate global

telecom networks and services.

The World Wide

Web Consortium – By promoting interoperability and

encouraging an open forum for discussion, W3C commits to

leading the technical evolution of the Web.

Communication Initiative –

This Initiative is aimed at improving strategic

communication thinking on development issues and advancing

the extent and quality of communication for change

information. The focus of such efforts can be on multiple

issues such as Poverty Eradication, Health, Education, Early

Child Development, and others. Numerous aid agencies and

international organizations are partners in this initiative.

Can search by Geography, Development issues, Program medium,

Evaluation, and Communication Trends. “Other Links”

link to websites of numerous organizations involved with

international communication.

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