Colleges & Universities

Colleges & Universities

Michigan’s Colleges and Universities themselves provide an

important store of resources for Michigan residents interested

in international issues. MSU Global Access provides a

resource for these colleges to expand on these already rich

resources, both through exchange of information between

departments with similar research interests and through the

provision of similarly relevant resources located elsewhere

around Michigan and around the world. In this capacity,

MSU Global Access aims to help Michigan’s colleges to better

serve their local constituencies, be they faculty, staff,

students, or the general public.

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Studies and Programs, Michigan State University – Home

to MSU Global Access as well as study centers with research

interests that span the globe as well as the academic



Institute, University of Michigan – Established to to

advance the University of Michigan’s leadership in

research, education, and service in international and area



Consortium for International Studies – CCIS, a

partnership of colleges from across the country, is

committed to developing international dimensions as an

integral part of collegiate education.

Thematic Area – Education –

For directories of universities in other countries

and information about education issues in other countries

Resource Type – Study Abroad –

For study abroad opportunities and resources

Thematic Area – Travel & Geography –

For tourist and travel information for people traveling abroad

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