MSU Global Access was the website where individuals could learn everything there is to know about the world. In today’s world, one has a special need of being informed and keeping oneself up dated with what is happening around the world. MSU Global Access was designed as the portal that would offer individuals the opportunity to learn what they want to learn about the world they live in but they can also do it in the way they want it. The website was made up by several databases and other websites and when searching on it, one would retrieve valuable information that was available on the internet, no matter in what corner of the world. MSU Global Access provided individuals with the opportunity to search through various themes such as agriculture, economy and so on. One could introduce several key words into the search engine and open the gate to plenty of information.

One of the themes of the website was agriculture. Here individuals could find relevant information about the latest developments in this area and could learn about the different aspects of this sector of economy. Certainly globalization has changed the way in which people perceive agriculture and definitely it has changed the way in which people do it. A larger world market and more consumers have transformed the ways in which people grow plants. Industrialization had also greatly influenced the developments in this area of economy.

Nowadays people no longer grow their own plants and vegetables, but they simply go to the supermarket and buy them. The prices for food vary significantly around the world and so does the quality of the food. Globalization has brought the opportunity for research in this area and people nowadays might be purchasing genetically modified food without even knowing it. Moreover, most of the vegetables nowadays on the market and for a cheaper price are grown in conditions that are not so natural. All sorts of chemical nutrients could be used as to fasten the growth of the vegetables and to bring the producers a greater income. At the same time this would be necessary as the producers can no longer keep up with the demand of food and this might be the only way of being able to provide all the food for more than 6 billion individuals in the world.

MSU Global Access offered individuals all this information and much more and all that visitors eager to learn more needed to do is to click the search button after inserting a key word of their own interest.

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